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100% Biodegradable Bagasse Square Bowls

Art No: LS-SB001
Size: 16oz, 32oz, 42oz...etc.

1, GOOD FOR ENVIRONMENT: Made from sustainably sourced sugarcane fibers, these square bowls are 100% biodegradable and suitable for composting for easy disposal, making these bowls good for the environment.

2, CONVENIENT LIFE: These super value disposable paper bowls, which you can completely throw away after use. They don't use trees, they don't do any harm to the environment, and you don't have to feel guilty about it

3, STURDY AND DURABLE: With no plastic or wax lining, heavy-duty compostable bowls are designed with superior strength and are leak-resistant.

4, VARIOUS OCCASIONS: Compostable paper bowls perfect for milk cereals, nuts, popcorn, snacks, small salads, chili soups, dips, side dishes, small fruits, and snacks. It's sure to meet your needs.

5, Hot or Cold: These bagasse bowls can be used for Hot or Cold Food Items. Of course, they are Microwavable & Freezable.

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