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100% Biodegradable sugarcane clamshell

Art No: LS-SC001
Size: 6inches, 8inches, 9inches, 10inches, 7X5inches, 9X6inches

1, NATURAL BAGASSE CLAMSHELLS:  For food catering and delivering, to-go or takeout orders, food trucks or any other professional setting. Ideal also as a disposable and microwavable lunch box!

2, 100% BIODEGRADABLE & COMPOSTABLE SUGARCANE FOOD BOXES TO GO: Made of all natural sugarcane fibers, the disposable carry out food containers are 100% biodegradable and completely compostable which renders them an excellent alternative to plastic to-go boxes that end up polluting our planet. Easily compostable at home or composting facilities, these eco takeaway containers leave no trace behind!

3, FOOD-SAFE DIVIDED TAKEOUT CONTAINERS FOR HOT & COLD USES: Packing some yummy hot tacos or some refreshingly cold ice cream? With our durable, leak-proof throw-away sugar cane carryout food containers you can safely serve your family or clients anything you can think of. With zero wax lining, zero bleaching and zero nasty fillers, our all natural, food-safe compostable food containers are the most sustainable choice you can make!

4, HEAVY-DUTY BAGASSE CLAMSHELL BOXES | MICROWAVE & FREEZER SAFE: Thanks to their sturdy construction, our strong and dense disposable food containers with lids are 100% microwavable and freezer safe. This way, you can easily store any leftovers, freeze them and even microwave them without any ifs and buts.

5, Welcome to contact us anytime to customize sugar cane food containers you want.

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